Dyson DC44 Animal Vacuum Cordless (Certified Refurbished)

Dyson DC44 Animal Vacuum Cordless (Certified Refurbished) Description

Product description Dyson’s DC44 vacuum offers the perfect balance of efficiency, ease-of-use and state-of-the-art design. Designed for lightweight maneuverability on floors, staircases, furniture and more, the DC44 picks up tough dirt quickly with it innovative motor design that improves suction performance without sacrificing mobility. Featuring a clear dust bin that helps users quickly indicate the need for emptying, Dyson’s DC44 makes it easy to clean around the house. From furniture, upholstery and carpet, take on dirt, dust and pet hair with ease. Long suction tube and lightweight desin allow for use in overhead areas Includes: DC44 Animal Plus Slim Vacuum – 203344-05. Amazon.com DC44 Animal Refurbished vacuum is a Dyson Digital Slim vacuum cleaner – the cordless machine that doesn’t lose suction. Powered by the Dyson digital motor, it is the most powerful cordless vacuum. It comes with a mini motorized tool to remove pet hair and dust from awkward spaces and upholstery. Dyson engineers developed DC44 Animal for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning. The center of gravity is located towards the grip for easy handling up top, down low, and in-between. It’s suitable for every floor surface: carpet, ceramic, vinyl, and wood. DC44 Animal has an increased run time compared with the DC35: 20 minutes of constant high suction. Boost mode enables 8 minutes of higher suction power for more difficult tasks. A docking station conveniently stores and recharges the machine when not in use. The motorized floor tool has two types of brushes: anti-static carbon fiber filaments remove fine dust from hard floors; stiff nylon brushes remove ground-in dirt from carpets. With an increased power motor driving the brush bar, the cleaner head has double the power of DC35 – this means that the bristles are driven deeper into the carpet with more force. The detachable long-reach wand is made from lightweight aluminum. When the wand is removed, the motorized head attaches directly to the machine for cleaning stairs and car interiors. Like all Dyson vacuum cleaners, DC44 Animal has patented Root Cyclone technology – so it doesn’t lose suction as you clean. Patented Dyson Technology Root Cyclone Technology for No Loss of Suction Some vacuum cleaners rely on bags and filters to trap dust and dirt. Air is meant to flow through tiny holes, leaving dust and dirt behind. When you start to use the vacuum, these tiny holes quickly clog up with particles of dust. This chokes the flow of air, so the vacuum cleaner loses suction. Dyson vacuum cleaners don’t rely on bags to trap dust and dirt. They use patented Root Cyclone technology, which spins the air at incredibly high speeds. The cyclones inside a Dyson vacuum cleaner generate centrifugal forces many thousands of times the force of gravity. Dust, dirt, and pet hair are flung out of the airflow and straight into the bin. No bag, no loss of suction. Dyson Digital Motor: Smaller, Lighter, More Power-Efficient DC44 Animal is powered by an intelligent Dyson digital motor. It’s smaller, lighter, and faster than conventional electric motors. The Dyson digital motor in DC44 Animal spins up to three times faster than conventional electric motors. It makes DC44 Animal the most powerful cordless vacuum. Features Motorized floor tool with carbon fiber filaments: The motorized floor tool on DC44 Animal has two types of brushes. The anti-static carbon fiber filaments remove fine dust from hard floors. Stiff nylon bristles remove ground-in dirt from carpets. Articulating Cleaner Head: The cleaner head pivots 180° without losing floor contact. A self-adjusting sole plate maintains optimum contact from floor to floor. And V-Ball technology enables smooth steering around furniture and obstacles. No more awkward moves. Detachable Long-Reach Wand: The wand is made from lightweight aluminum. It reaches high, low and into awkward gaps – ideal for floor to ceiling cleaning. You can also remove the wand and attach the motorized tool for quick clean-ups around the home and for removing dirt and dust from the car. No Extra Costs: Most other cordless and handheld vacuum cleaners are still designed to need replacement bags and filters – and the cost soon adds up. DC44 Animal uses patented Root Cyclone technology, which spins dust and dirt from the air straight into the bin. With no bags or filters to replace, there are no extra costs to worry about. 6 months parts and labor warranty: Your Dyson vacuum cleaner is likely to take a few bumps and bruises during everyday use – but that’s nothing compared to what Dyson puts its machines through during testing and development. All Dyson vacuums undergo a lengthy and rigorous testing program. That’s why DC44 Animal Refurbished comes with a 6 month warranty- parts and labor guaranteed by Dyson. Dyson Authorized Resellers on Amazon.com Only Dyson vacuums and fans purchased from an Authorized Reseller satisfy the quality assurance standards of Dyson and include a valid Dyson parts and labor warranty. Please see a full list of Authorized Amazon Marketplace Resellers here.Dyson Refurbished Vacuums Dyson refurbished vacuums have been stripped down, cleaned out, reassembled and thoroughly tested. They’re restored to a fully functional condition. In short, they are everything a Dyson machine should be- they work properly and don’t lose suction. Dyson refurbishes vacuums that are returned to us by retailers or consumers. Refurbishing these machines, rather than disposing of them, means that the parts and materials are re-used instead of wasted. When a machine comes to us to be refurbished, it is first stripped down as far as necessary. Components removed from the machine that meet our high standards of quality are kept and cleaned. Most damaged or broken components are sent away for recycling. The core of the machine is thoroughly cleaned and new parts are added to replace damaged or cosmetically unacceptable parts discovered during the stripping down process. Just like our brand new machines, the rebuilt machine then undergoes a comprehensive series of electrical and performance tests to ensure that it works as it should. For our vacuums, one of the tests carried out is a suction test. All refurbished vacuums are electrically tested in compliance with electrical and safety requirements. One of the primary differences between a new Dyson machine and a refurbished Dyson machine is its appearance– a scratch here or there or a slightly clouded bin may provide a clue that it has been previously used. After it has passed all of the tests, the machine is then packaged and sent out. All Dyson refurbished vacuums come with a 6 month parts and labor warranty. The Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim Vacuum The Dyson DC44 Motorized Floor Tool with carbon fiber filaments What’s In The Box? DC44 Animal Vacuum Wand Motorized floor tool Charger Docking station Mini motorized floor tool Combination brush/wide debris nozzle tool Crevice tool Operations manual Quick start guide 6 month warranty Detachable, Long-Reach Wand Articulating Cleaner Head Includes a crevice tool and a combination accessory tool

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