Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper

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Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper Description

Product Packaging:Standard Packaging Product Description Encourages baby to keep movin’ for exciting ball poppin’ sounds and action! Brightly colored balls excitedly pop around inside the clear dome as baby pushes Corn Popper along. Sturdy base with easy-to-grasp-and-push handle helps steady new walkers, and the faster baby goes, the faster the poppity-pop action! Amazon.com This is probably the first toy that (no pun intended) pops into your mind when you hear the name Fisher-Price. Maybe this will jar your memory: the Push Toy Corn Popper has a long, blue handle (well, ‘long’ if you’re 3 years old), and rolls along on two brightly colored red/orange wheels while making great popping sounds as it bounces brightly colored balls inside a clear plastic bubble that’s mounted above the wheels. So much for the technical specifications. There must be some unwritten law that every toddler has to have one of these. And with good reason. They’re still fun! –Chris Livesay See all Product description

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