La Crosse Technology WT-5220U-IT Projection Alarm Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature


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La Crosse Technology WT-5220U-IT Projection Alarm Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Description

Size:Pack of 1 Product Description 5.60’L x 1.4’W x 3.6’H Time digits = .59 inchesView larger Includes wireless outdoor transmitting temperature sensor La Crosse Technology WT-5220U-IT Radio Controlled Projection Alarm Clock with Temperature Know your temperature outside even before you get out of bed! Projection Alarm clock alternates both Time and/or Outdoor Temp (F/C) on your ceiling or wall with Arm Rotation for Proper Viewing and Auto-Focus. Wireless Temp Sensor transmits within seconds to the clock. Clock receives accurate atomic time for updates and will reset for daylight saving time. Displays indoor temp and date, and has LED backlight and Time Alarm with Snooze. Self-setting Atomic Time and Date Automatically adjusts clock to your chosen time zone (25 different settings from 0 GMT +/-12) and resets during Daylight saving time. Have no worries when it’s time to reset the clock. Optional manual time setting and adjustable to standard 12 hour or military 24 hour time. WWVB icon indicator displays when atomic signal is received. Projection Alternate your current time and/or outdoor temperature (3 modes) viewable on a wall or ceiling. Automatic projection focus and 180 degrees arm rotation. LED backlight and optional views on lower section of display (temperatures, counting seconds, alarm time, or date) Time Alarm Set time alarm to wake or snooze an extra 6 minutes. Alarm icon indicator displays when active. Temperature display Monitor the indoor room temperature and receive wireless outdoor temperature from included weather resistant temperature sensor (TX37U-IT) Transmits from a 330 ft distance. Obstruction from glass, windows, and walls can reduce signal strength, so we recommend testing in a location temporarily for 4 hours before permanent mounting the sensor. Temperature display adjustable to Fahrenheit or Celsius. Outdoor range down to -39.8 F and up to 139.8 F. Signal indicator displays when transmitting sensor is connected. Desktop or Tabletop Includes 6V AC adapter, but requires battery backup of 3 AA alkaline Benefits Wireless IN/OUT Temp (F/C) Projects Time or Outdoor Temperature (alternating) on Wall or Ceiling in Easy to Read Numbers Projection and Arm Rotate for Proper Viewing Automatic Focus of Projection Atomic Time and Date with Manual Setting Automatically Updates for Daylight Saving Time (On/Off Option) Perpetual Calendar Time Zone Setting Time Alarm With Snooze LED Backlight Specifications: OUT Temp Range -39.8 F to 139.8 F, IN Temp Range 14 F to 99.9 F Projection Alarm 3 AA Alkaline Batteries (Not Included) or Included 6V AC Power Adapter Sensor: 2 AA Alkaline Batteries (Not Included) From the Manufacturer Troubleshooting Steps: Proper mounting of the outdoor sensor is Necessary for it to read the correct temperature: Mount the outdoor sensor on a north-facing wall or in any Well shaded area. Under an Eave or deck rail is preferred. If this outdoor sensor is somewhere where the sun can hit it, and feel the extra warmth from the sun it will read warmer than it is really outside: The maximum transmitting range to the projection clock is 330 feet in open air not including walls. Place the display and sensor next to each other with nothing in-between. After 15 minutes insert the batteries into the sensor then plug the AC adapter into the projection clock and the wall outlet. Then put the 3 AA batteries into the projection clock.The temperate should prepopulate on the display, wait 15 minutes to establish a strong connection. For proper communication between the transmitter and display. Have the display and transmitter next to each other with nothing in between with the batteries out. 1. Place two quality brand name AA batteries in the transmitter first. Within 30 seconds of powering up the transmitter, insert the batteries to the Display Station Once the batteries are in place, all segments of the LCD will light up briefly. Then the indoor temperature and the time as 12:00 will be displayed. If they are not shown on LCD after 60 seconds, remove the batteries and wait for at least 60 seconds before reinserting them. Once the indoor data is displayed, user may proceed to the next step. 2. After the batteries are inserted, the Temperature Station will start receiving data signal from the transmitter. 3. The outdoor temperature should be displayed on the Temperature Station. Also, the signal reception icon will be displayed. If this does not happen after 2 minutes, the batteries will need to be removed from both units and reset from step 1. 4. In order to ensure sufficient 915 MHz transmission, the final position between the Temperature Station and the transmitter should not be more than 330 feet / 100 meters. Note – Metal siding, stucco, and some types of glass can reduce signal range. It is possible to receive a signal through these materials, however maximum range will much less due to their tendency to absorb or reflect a much larger portion of the transmitter’s signal. If the sensor is too far from the display it will show dashes on the display

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