Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair / Exercise Hyper Bench JD-3.1

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Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair / Exercise Hyper Bench JD-3.1 Description

Product Description Have an optimal body workout and build some rock-hard abs with the Marcy Roman Chair! Made of premium-quality tubing frame with a powder-coated finish, this gym apparatus is guaranteed to stand the test of time. Its stability and ergonomic style allows you to perform intense workouts without having to leave the comfort of your home. Carve out those rock-hard abs you’ve always wanted with this training bench that can help you perform challenging exercises to develop your core. It can also strengthen your lower back and give superb definition to your glutes and hamstring muscles at the same time. The back hyperextension bench lets you position correctly while performing a variety of movements. Sit and lean backward to develop your core or flip over to perform back workouts with targeted motions. The Marcy Roman Chair features high-density foam, padded handles, adjustable two-foam leg holders, and polymer upholstery to accommodate a variety of workout regimens with convenience and comfort. Its sleek and compact design allows you to store it conveniently in a corner in conjunction with the rest of your exercise equipment. Simply tuck it into a small space when it’s not in use. Get into shape right in the comfort of your own home! Apex Roman/Hyper Extension Bench allows you to get off the floor to stretch and strengthen your core abdominal and back muscles for improved fitness. This sturdy chair is well constructed and easy to set up with simple instructions. Designed to last for years of use, the Apex bench provides a more comfortable way to work your core muscle groups. With padded handles and adjustable two-foam leg holders, it is possible to perform challenging exercises without a trainer or spotter. Your legs are held in place by the supports, and you are able to hyperextend your abdominals, accessing more muscle groups. Boasting a super-sturdy heavy-gauge steel-tubing frame, the sleek bench will tuck into the corner of a room when not in use, and high-density deluxe boxed upholstery will hold up over time. Whether you would like to build and maintain six-pack abs or strengthen your core to ease back pain and improve your posture, the Apex Roman/Hyper Extension Bench is a safe and solid way to target your goals. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE PRECAUTIONS This exercise machine is built for optimum safety.  However, certain precautions apply whenever you operate a piece of exercise equipment.  Be sure to read the entire manual before you assemble or operate your machine.  In particular, note the following safety precautions: 1.  Keep children and pets away from the machine at all times.  DO NOT                 leave  children unattended in the same room with the machine. 2.  Only one person at a time should use the machine. 3.  If the user experiences dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or any other abnormal       symptoms, STOP the workout at once.  CONSULT A PHYSICIAN       IMMEDIATELY. 4.  Position the machine on a clear, leveled surface.  DO NOT use the machine       near water or outdoors. 5.  Keep hands away from all moving parts. 6.  Always wear appropriate workout clothing when exercising.  DO NOT wear       robes or other clothing that could become caught in the machine.  Running       or aerobic shoes are also required when using the machine. 7.  Use the machine only for its intended use as described in this manual.  DO       NOT use attachments not recommended by the manufacturer. 8.  Do not place any sharp object around the machine. 9.  Disabled person should not use the machine without a qualified person or         physician in attendance. 10. Before using the machine to exercise, always do stretching exercises to       properly warm up. 11. Never operate the machine if the machine is not functioning properly.  WARNING:  BEFORE BEGINNING ANY EXERCISE PROGRAM, CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN.  THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT FOR INDIVIDUALS OVER THE AGE OF 35 OR PERSONS WITH PRE-EXISTING HEALTH PROBLEMS.  READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING ANY FITNESS EQUIPMENT.  IMPEX INC. ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR PERSONAL INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE SUSTAINED BY OR THROUGH THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT.

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