Serola Sacroiliac Hip Belt, Medium

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Serola Sacroiliac Hip Belt, Medium Description

Size:Medium hip 34-40′ The new serola sacroiliac belt is designed to compress and support the sacroiliac joints, thereby relieving stress and instability. Just as importantly, it is not so tight that it is restrictive. Excess or insufficient motion can adversely affect the entire musculoskeletal system. The serola sacroiliac belt, by providing the correct balance of resistance and resilience, re-establishes the joint normal motion. Because of the stability the serola sacroiliac belt gives to the base of your spine, strength is increased throughout your back, hips, and legs, and your chances of injury are lessened considerably during work or play. The new serola sacroiliac belt is the same belt in basic function as the original but with a significant change in comfort and grip. The first layer is changed from cotton to an open-cell urethane foam. The urethane layer has several advantages over the original cotton layer. The open-cell urethane is breathable, more comfortable, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic (so it can be worn directly against the skin). Plus, it conforms to Boyd curves better. Due to it’s tacky nature it grips so well that it will not move even on the most active people.

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