Swimline Giant Black Swan Pool Float

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Swimline Giant Black Swan Pool Float Description

Color:Black Use and Care Inflation Spread inflatable out on a flat surface before beginning inflation. Keep away from sharp, breakable objects during inflatation, as this could cause inflatable to puncture. Inflate with a low-pressure inflator. Do not over inflate Always keep your inflatable fully inflated when in use. Use Inspect your inflatable toys before every use to ensure they’re sturdy and safe. Before using inflatable toys, check that all valves are secure and that there are no holes that could cause air leaks. Always supervise children when using inflatable toys. Keep your inflatable away from sharp, breakable objects. Swimine inflatables are not designed for towing. Swimline inflatables are not designed for water park use. Do not jump on inflatables that are not designed for this type of activity Failure to comply will void any warranty. Cleaning Clean your inflatable with mild soapy solution. Use lukewarm water only and a dry paper towel or rag for regular cleaning after use. DO NOT USE CHEMICALS. Chemicals could result in compromising material or any printed graphic. Storage Store inflatables in a cool, dry place. Make sure the inflatable is fully dry before folding to store. Storage wet could result in growth of mold or compromise material and welds When inflating for first time in Spring, be sure vinyl material is at or above room temperature. Inflating a cold item could result in cracking. Repairing Most Swimline products come with small clear repair patch. This patch is only effective on flat surfaces No seams. Properly dry and clean area before attempting to patch. This will result in a more effective repair. For more effective patching use Swimline or Solstice Tear-Aid #8850 or #20000.

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